Just Your Typical Office Tour, Part 2 of 8


And finally, we see the Main Laboratory, with a comfy workspace, much gadgetry, and a knight faithfully guarding the tranquil scene.

Here, we see the camelback couch (equally suitable for an intense business meeting or a comfortable rest), the Edison-inspired beams & pendant lamps, and the main workspace.

Nothing brightens up a workplace like a Lumen disk.  We also see a set of indispensable books, which all seem to have a common, yet elusive, trait.

The main light fixture appears to be all pipes, casting 900 watts of incandescent luminosity over the scene, which includes massive wooden beams and a bead-board ceiling acting as a canopy over the main workspace.  An antique phonograph plays assorted musical delights.

On the main desk, a nixie clock shows the time, always slipping, slipping, slipping into the future, but curiously omitting 05:42:00.

Our first glimpse of the Main Laboratory

A nixie clock on the desk, conspicuously not showing 05:42:00

Another view of the Main Laboratory

A Lumen disk with some must-buy books

The main light fixture is all pipes, with Edison-inspired beams, bead board, and pendant lights

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